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About me

My name is Andreas Kluth and I am primarily three things in life: husband/dad, correspondent for The Economist, and book author.

I joined The Economist in 1997, and have since then moved from London to Hong Kong, then to the Bay Area, then to Los Angeles, and most recently to Berlin.

On this blog, I’m scribbling mostly about the book (published in January 2012), success and failure in life, the process of writing and storytelling, and anything that might come up.

I’ll also take occasional detours into stuff related to The Economist and the world of ideas generally. Occasionally, I may get just plain wacky.

Of late, I’ve been posting with somewhat greater frequency on Twitter, but I still use this blog for my coherent thoughts, should any arise.

If you want to email me about work stuff (if you are a PR person, for example) please do it through this page. If you want to email me about the book, please use this form. Thanks.


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