About me

Andreas Kluth 5

My name is Andreas Kluth and I am the editor-in-chief of Handelsblatt Global, based in Berlin.

Before that role (which I commenced in late March 2017) I was a correspondent for The Economist for twenty years–in London, Hong Kong, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Berlin. (Here is a teeny-weeny sample of what I wrote for The Economist.)

I started this site in 2008, while I was writing my first book, titled Hannibal and Me and published in January 2012. The book is about triumph and disaster in the lives of historical figures, told in a way that makes you see yourself in the stories. Here is a synopsis, here is a conversation about it, and here are reviews.

The accompanying blog gradually became an open-ended intellectual Odyssey, with topics ranging from the process of writing and storytelling to great thinkers and ideas generally.

Please do NOT email me through this page about work stuff (if you are a PR person, for example). If you want to email me privately or about the book, please use this form. Thanks.