Snarky and confessional? Or humorous and expert?

The folks at Technorati have finally produced their latest “State of the Blogosphere” report, and an interesting tidbit of Day 2 concerns how bloggers describe their own style.

Although there is a perception of blogging as a means for writing a tell-all or gossiping about others, snarky and confessional were at the bottom of the list in terms of blogging styles. Half of bloggers consider their style to be sincere, conversational, humorous, and expert in nature…

Asian bloggers tend to be more motivational and confessional, while European bloggers are more confrontational. Women tend to be more conversational in their blogging style, while men tend to be expert. Finally, those under 34 are more confessional in their blogging style, while those over 35 are more expert in their style. Fewer than one in five bloggers consider themselves snarky or confessional.

In chart form, this is how that looks:

Now, an immediate problem is that this is how bloggers described themselves. I suspect that this chart would look very different if you had asked bloggers to describe other bloggers. Nobody will admit to being snarky, but you might enthusiastically volunteer that blogger who just made fun of your latest post as a snarker.

Be that as it may. I myself try to be (in this chart): sincere, conversational, humorous and yes, expert, but humbly so (what I enjoy most is learning from you guys). If any of you ever feel that the style of this blog is anything other than that, shout it out in the comments at once.

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