I’m crushed: Only 3 out of 5

As you know by now, I’m a humor snob. So I’m gutted to discover, after taking the New Yorker‘s test for advanced readers, that I only scored three out of five. Being a Yoga snob as well, the last one threw me off. But even with that allowance, I’d only be four out of five. And so my Friday morning begins with a crisis.

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12 thoughts on “I’m crushed: Only 3 out of 5

  1. That which constitutes a crisis for Mr. Kluth is noted. (Thrown and gutted, indeed). What would Hannibal say?

    Wait, I see it. A marketing campaign for your book. WWHD? (What would hannibal Do?

    Or for the appendix (reader’s group questions). You’ve just failed a test on humour offered by the New Yorker. As Hannibal, you: (a) blame the children; (b) ask for a re-count; (c) try a yogo pose at the end of the bed for the Missus; (d) burn New York to the ground and ‘take’ the Missus.

    Great costume, by the way. Happy hallowe’en!

  2. Whew. That helps me recover slightly, Christopher. But I will never totally live it down.

    Mr Crotchety, I submit that Hannibal would have been the one in bed (sans newspaper), with Imilce, his Iberian wife, initiating the poses. The humor involves the elephants …

  3. I got 4 out of five correct.

    I completely see why you went with yoga on the fifth one. Especially when they offered it up as a possible answer.

    The first one was so mild (a comedy of manners) that it blew right past me.

  4. This is Mr Peabody, my former journalism student, I assume?
    Oh, I don’t know. Maybe Hannibal would place you with his Gallic mercenaries in the middle of his line to see how you’d deal with the onrush of Romans. 😉

  5. I’ve always had many plans for a site, a blog, etc. I actually have a pretty decent ‘personal’ blog thats sparsely updated, but have taken it down for possible employment reasons.

    What you see is my calendar, which I just use to tell people who don’t use google maps: “look here to see when I’m free”

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