Postscript on McCain

Read David Grann in The New Yorker on what I consider an epic, a Greek, a heart-rending tragedy: the transformation, under pressure, of a great man, John McCain.

This is a man who was once “more at peace when he was losing” and who, above all, was afraid only of one thing: losing his honor.

Thinking in terms of the underlying idea for my book, I can’t help but wonder whether his (unexpected) “triumph” in the primaries was in fact the great “impostor” of his life, leading to an all-encompassing “disaster.”

(To those of you who are new to this blog, those words are from a Kipling poem that inspired my entire book.)

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3 thoughts on “Postscript on McCain

  1. The New Yorker piece about John McCain’s tergiversation was, I thought, superb.

    Concerning McCain’s very gracious concession speech, it might be said of him that (to paraphrase a famous quotation) nothing in his campaign became him more than the manner of his leaving it.

  2. Ah yes: “Nothing in his life became him like the leaving of it.” Macbeth, isn’t it?
    Incidentally, I’m intrigued by your persona. Your spelling is American; did you intend that? 😉 Is there a book in the making here?

  3. I’m horrified by the notion that my spelling is American!!! If so, it’s unintended.

    I had assumed my spellcheck programme reflected British spelling. But it appears this assumption may be wrong. I must investigate this.

    English being my native tongue, I’ve always had great sympathy with non-native English speakers who must negotiate far more gingerly than I, the minefield which is English spelling.

    Regarding your question on whether I intend a book, I’m flattered you would ask.

    No, nothing could be further from my mind, for I’m a mere hacker.

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