Being a nomad again

Andreas in the airport lounge

Here I am, with my gal Cleo, in the airport lounge. I am reclining on a fake chaise longue, underneath a palm-ish plant, gazing at … a bunch of Qantas and Cathay and BA planes being loaded. My flight is delayed and I’ve suddenly got too much time–not usually a problem I encounter in my life.

So, once again, I contemplate the nomadism of modern life. I have my parents (on another continent) on Skype Video in front of me. I am emailing the people at my destination that I’m delayed. I am working on my presentation, blogging, checking in with my editor about my piece in the upcoming issue ….

Is there anything I am not doing? Oh, right. Thinking.

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2 thoughts on “Being a nomad again

  1. Your timing is perfect. I’m going off the grid for nine days starting Friday. I’ll practice my cursive until then and start commenting the day I return. Why is ‘Cleopatra’ printed backwards in your photo? I know airports can be bizarre, but are you sure you’re in the right dimension?

  2. Nine days offline? I am personally offended that you could sustain yourself that long without the Hannibal Blog.
    Cleo being backwards: That’s bizarre. I took the picture with my Mac’s camera. I must investigate….
    Have a good holiday.

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