Traveling again, but….

… posting more or less as normal.

(Incidentally, I’m getting all confused between my British spelling for The Economist and my American spelling for the blog: Travelling? Traveling?)

4 thoughts on “Traveling again, but….

  1. Hi Andreas,

    Safe Travel (again). Has your computer changed over from Daylight Saving Time? Your posting time is always one hour later than my time, but I think we are in the same time zone, or is it same time zhone?

    Hope you aren’t traveling to Rome where the Tiber is overflowing..or to Venice where il acqua is flooding the streets and citizens need thigh-high rubber boots.

    PS sorry for my lousy post yesterday. That will teach me to think before I submit….

  2. I haven’t figured out the time thing. I think (but I’m not sure) WordPress is the culprit, not my computer. They base everything on Greenwich mean time (so my “day’s” statistics go from 4PM California time to 4PM the next day.) I’ll try to fiddle with the settings, but I may not be able to change this.
    PS: What lousy post?

  3. Aside from Shackleton’s story, which I read while my son Ben thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, all 2750 miles from Mexico to Canada in one walk, what about some of these harrowing tales about Everest and the disasters they became because of all kind of human mistakes…Jon Krakaur’s book had triumph and disaster, for sure.

    I am thinking of the Japanese woman than he left for dead on the mountain, and of Krakaur’s depression when he returned.

    Good. If don’t remember my lousy post, I feel better already.

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