3 thoughts on “Traveling…

  1. Traveling… I think we should do a Blog field trip to Morocco. Of course, we can’t actually meet. We must travel in parallel yet communicate anonomously and electronically. Let’s invite Martha and shop for ceramics. In fact, maybe we can get her to sponsor. (I’m not dis’ing Martha. She’s a greater thinker and alot wealthier than I am.)

  2. Well. I’m in.

    Field trips I can do; the last one was in 1995 when I schlepped 80 American literature students to see Our Town. I was the only one who sobbed when Emily came back from the dead.snort, snort, laugh, snort

    I also collect pottery.

    We all could agree to be at the same book signing with large signs hung around our necks. This would be Andreas’ s nightmare…shhhhh. Don’t tell him.

    He’s traveling.

  3. You guys crack me up. So now I must log in even while traveling just to keep abreast of the mischief.

    Regarding the field trip to Morocco (and Carthage): since, surely, it is all in the interests of research, we shall be traveling, as the Numidians did, by horse, without stirrups or bridles…

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