Newspapers and the “unthinkable”

Required reading for all who care about newspapers, journalism and the current revolution (for that is what it is.) By Clay Shirky, whom you have met here before.

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4 thoughts on “Newspapers and the “unthinkable”

  1. The recent announcement from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that it’s becoming solely a web paper, supports the newspapers-are-dying thesis.

    But I think this thesis applies only to newspapers serving the 10% of the world’s peoples who live in first-world conditions. The remaining 90% would either have their on-line reading drastically limited because of prohibitive internet service costs (the more time spent online the more you pay the internet service provider); or they wouldn’t have a computer in the home (remember, we in North America take cheap internet service, and even electricity, for granted).

    Ergo, printed newspapers as before, outside the “developed” world.

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