Recommended reading on Jung and archetypes

Thanks to Christopher for pointing me to The Third Eve, a blog by a Jungian psychologist about all things Jungian.

As you may have noticed, The Hannibal Blog has a thread on Carl Jung which overlaps with my thread on storytelling in general and will eventually (ie, closer to the launch of my forthcoming book) help you to understand the story of Hannibal and Scipio, which is the story of you and me, of disaster and triumph not being what they seem. The idea is that Hannibal and Scipio were real-life, flesh-and-blood emodiments of archetypes.

So visit The Third Eve for primers on Jung’s model of the psyche and his ideas about archetypes. Then compare that with the influence that the so-called monomyth theory has had on me.

Then read The Third Eve on the orphan archetype and tales of leave-taking and compare that with, say, my post on Heidi.

Incidentally, because there have been a lot of newcomers to The Hannibal Blog lately: All this is deep background for my coming book, but the book itself is an easy read, a text that–I hope–reveals the universality across people’s lives through the stories themselves. It is not a text book. You do not need to have even heard of Carl Jung!

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3 thoughts on “Recommended reading on Jung and archetypes

  1. Andreas Kluth,

    I enjoyed your comments about The Third Eve. Actually, I couldn’t agree with you more. It is an outstanding forum to explore the depths.

    Kind regards to you and I shall return to read more of what’s on your mind though Jung and Socrates surely have captured my interest here. Thank you.

    Mary Jane

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