The two ways of being shocked

In the previous post I described two types (possibly archetypes) of people: Roundheads and Cavaliers. This post will only make sense if you read that previous one.

At the end, I invited you to guess which kind you are. Well, let me help you along a little bit.

Part I: Know one when you see one

Below is a famous clip from a famous movie. As writing has voice, so does film-making, and the voice in this clip is …. [you fill it in: either Roundhead or Cavalier]:

Now contrast that with this clip. Again, please fill in: The voice in in this clip is […]

Part II: Vote

[UPDATE: For an explanation of the poll below, see my comment.]

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4 thoughts on “The two ways of being shocked

  1. Kicking off the discussion, I am a Roundhead but with reactionary and strong Cavalier tendencies. Eg…I am quick to become outraged with many in Washington (identities are unimportant here) but keep my sanity by looking at the craziness of it all and laughing a lot knowing that in the entire course of human events they are but pinheads.

  2. Andreas,

    I see I missed the prior post and comments- so refreshing to see how the Hannibal B. followers are so transparent and honest. You have truly amassed a great group in your readership.


  3. Hmm. I see that I didn’t make myself clear at all in this post (which is a good lesson: I shouldn’t post past my bedtime).

    WTF? is the highest. A bunch of “other”, and the two types of shock are more or less split evenly.

    To make it plainer:

    “Shocked–shocked!” is the phrase in the Casablanca clip. Meaning: You are not shocked at all. You are being Cavalier. You are feigning shock, and usually (nowadays) in a humorous way. For example, my editor may say to me: “What do you reckon, Andreas, do you think next week it might be time to be shocked–shocked!–again at high bonuses on Wall Street?”

    The other shock is the Roundhead shock. You are feeling outrage, you are angry, you are not smirking but frowning.

    There are many things in life to be outraged about; but there are also many things to by shocked–shocked!–about. It’s good to know the difference. That was my point.

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