The pitchforked anti-consumerist hordes

I never claimed to be original in fantasizing about the simple, uncluttered ‘barrel life’ of Diogenes. Far from it. I seem to be surfing on the Zeitgeist. The cult of ‘stuff’ is out, the cult of ‘less’ is in.

As always, there is a Cavalier and a Roundhead version of the meme.

Here is one example of the Cavalier version:

And here is one example of the Roundhead version, which is apparently going viral in the nation’s classrooms:

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2 thoughts on “The pitchforked anti-consumerist hordes

  1. Whoa. I couldn’t make it thru the YouTube video. I like to hug trees as well as the next Roundhead, but I have some problems with just the first few minutes. What does it mean that this is going viral? I don’t suppose it’s a subversive thing. I’m guessing that it’s a teaching tool. Linear and finite? (yikes). Viral is an interesting metaphor because a virus is information. Which reminds me of something else. I recently had some fingerprinting (another freedom lover gittin’ it from The Man). The finger printess insisted on using the anti-bacterial soap to avoid the spread of, you know, swine flu. We should make a video that goes viral about viruses.

    • The video definitely is not great storytelling. The tone is sanctimonious and humorless, and it’s one relentless sermon. Which is a pity, because if you watch the whole thing (as I did), you realize she did her homework and put it all together coherently. I’d like to be on her side, if only the tone were not so plodding.

      Fingerprinted? My oh my. What’s next? DNA swabs to borrow library books?

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