Schwarzenegger’s revanchist word game

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The following letter by Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California, to the State Assembly would not seem to make for exciting reading. But that’s if you read it conventionally–ie, horizontally.

What if you read vertically? Could it be that the gubernator, cigar-chomping cad and prankster that he is, has had a bit of fun?

Tim Redmond spotted the hidden code. See if you find it:


[picapp src=”1/6/d/7/Gov_Schwarzenegger_Addresses_4e56.jpg?adImageId=6962178&imageId=4919912″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]

For background, AB 1176 was a bill by Tom Ammiano of San Francisco about infrastructure or something boring of that sort. The same Tom Ammiano recently did a reverse Joe Wilson and yelled “You lie” at Schwarzenegger, when the Republican governor had the audacity to drop in on a meeting of Democrats in a San Francsico ballroom. Ammiano then stormed out, yelling “Kiss my gay ass.”

So now Schwarzenegger is having a bit of revanchist fun. All in good humor, if you ask me. It is a sign of the unshophisticated mind to get squeamish about this sort of thing. Ammiano himself is probably laughing loudest.

If you have not already spotted it, here is the hint:


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5 thoughts on “Schwarzenegger’s revanchist word game

  1. As a former high school teacher, I find this hysterical.
    In my journalism class, kids did this type of thing weekly. The best part was that they thought they were the only ones who would get the smutty and guttural language.

    I hope he meant to do this…

    • I despair at these antics. I feel I’m not part of the human race. They are not even original, but a trivialisation of two of Edgar Allan Poe’s love poems. As if the unjust destruction of that genius’s reputation was not enough. Was he one of the “Greatest Thinkers”?

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