The 10-minute chat

One of you (Thank You!) texted in the picture above, taken in a Manhattan Barnes & Noble outlet. There it is, that bright orange jacket, hard to miss.

Unfortunately, I did not, yesterday, find any copies in my local Barnes & Noble outlet here in LA. The guy looked into his computer and said they were “on the way, could be tomorrow, could be in a week.” There’s modern logistics for you.

In any case, Bill Frank (“Billy the Brain”) of KKZZ radio has now posted our chat yesterday. It’s about ten minutes long.

I’m on my landline, and sounding somewhat distant, but it’s a good conversation.  Thank you, Bill!

16 thoughts on “The 10-minute chat

  1. I was going to take a picture in the B&N near me today, but they weren’t put out yet! I had to ask and the lady searched around for a while and eventually found it out back (they arrived yesterday). She said they’re going to be in the management section… not sure if that is the best place for it but I suppose publishers/book sellers know more than I do.

    Anyway, excited to start reading it.

  2. Am nearly half way through, having just rescued my crew from Fountain Island.

    This is an unmissable read, Andreas, a vivid exposition, through narrative, of your underlying thesis regarding Hannibal’s delusion of triumph. The research is extensive and meticulous, which is to be expected, yet you manage to make your case quietly, simultaneously beguiling and informing your reader in an attractive and easy writing style. Already you have presented several biographies in convincing support.

    I confess I was sceptical about learning anything from someone the age of my sons. Yet again I am being proved wrong.

    I have reached the stage of acceptance, but to do nothing is not an option: I must read on and discover about the Prison of Success.

    I may never get this book out of my bones. 🙂

    • Oh, and as for it appearing in the management section – what stuff and nonsense. Philosophy – yes; history – yes; biography – yes; … . But management?

    • “I may never get this book out of my bones.” That would be great. 😉

      “… the management section — what stuff and nonsense…”. Yes, indeed. However, I was told by my local B&N manager that this way it will be seen by, and sell, way more than if it were buried in the philosophy or history sections. (There’s a summary of America for you.)

      Thanks for reading, Richard!!!

  3. Congratulations on the release and the most recent pleasing review of the book.

    I never noticed how quickly some interviewers speak. Was it uncomfortable? Did you find yourself trying to keep pace with Ratigan? You looked and sounded very confident.

    The segment after yours included a female interviewer who spoke at a much slower pace.

    It’s a lovely photograph of the Bookstore display, the jacket color is very eye catching.

    • Thanks, dafna. Was it uncomfortable? The problem was less the speed at which he talked than the fact that he and viewer saw the bullet points on the screen and I did not. (I was in a dark room). So I never knew what was coming. But that’s just the way it is. Probably made my answers fresher, more spontaneous.

  4. Love this photo. Makes it look like Hannibal and Rome are doing battle again. Between finishing my novel and teaching I only had time to review two books in the last year. They were Rome by Robert Hughes and Hannibal and Me. Both wonderful books, but with all the good word of mouth perhaps Hannibal will finally vanquish Rome!

    • Yes, it does, doesn’t it? Those folks at that particular B&N did a great job of laying them out side by side.

      I saw that you also reviewed Hughes’s book. Will have another look at your review now, to see if I should get it.

  5. I listened to your conversation with Billy the brain. The tactics and strategy thing caught me: tactics being about winning “but if we are drawn into the wrong battle – you observe -, that can bring to disaster”. Worth reflecting in so many fields.

    By the way, I just now placed an order for ‘Hannibal and me’ at The book will take a couple of weeks to arrive.

    • Do they allow books about Hannibal there?
      They don’t, clearly. They made an exception for the Man of Roma.

      Crossing THE ALPS?
      Not an issue any more: elephants wear good snow suits today 🙂

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