Jack Covert likes my storytelling

Jack Covert

Jack Covert, the founder of 800-CEO-READ (America’s leading direct supplier of business literature to companies and organizations) and a sort of bestseller-prophet, has “selected” (ie, recommended) Hannibal and Me. Thank you, Jack!

(The rest of you, remember: My book can be a business book, but need not be. It’s a life book.)

He says that I do

a fine job turning this adventure book into a personal development guide of sorts

and concludes:

[W]hat makes or breaks a book like this, with its uncommon structure and sometimes lofty subject matter, is the storytelling, and this book is one of the best in that regard that I have read in a long time.

Storytelling! One of my favorite subjects and highest aspirations. Great note to end on. Thanks again.

6 thoughts on “Jack Covert likes my storytelling

  1. It appears that the printed version of “Hannibal and Me” has still to appear here in the vast land north of the forty-ninth parallel. However, the e-book version seems to be available (for $13.99).

    I, and the others of my fellow habitants in the vast land north of the forty-ninth parallel who fear e-book gadgetry, must therefore continue waiting in edge-of-seat anticipation for the happy day when our trembling fingers can finally riffle the crisp pages of “Hannibal and Me”.

    But, will that happy day ever come?

    • Thank you for waiting for the dead-tree version, Christopher.

      And sorry you’re having to wait at all. You must be in some dark Canadian forest, with the yeti outside at night, going through your trash can for morsels.

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