Hannibal and Me in Bogota, Colombia

I just received the following email from one Matt Aaron, and it’s the sort of spontaneous, casual and genuine feedback that makes authors happy:

I just finished the audio version of Hannibal and Me this morning, walking through a park in Bogota, Colombia.

I am in a transition period, now in my late 20’s. This book has helped me understand my current path and a general direction for the next 10-15 years.

Thanks for writing this!


Thank you, Matt.

PS: I guess I should really get myself that audio version now, to hear what my book sounds like. 😉

6 thoughts on “Hannibal and Me in Bogota, Colombia

  1. My son (he’s 21) went back to school on Monday, disappearing with my copy of H&M. FYI: the book jacket pulled him in.

    I saw him very briefly last night. No full report on the book because he was on his way out the door immediately. But he did allow that some day (that is not Friday night) we might talk about it, and hollered over his shoulder–spontaneously, casually and genuinely–that H&M is like a self-help book but the author isn’t really irritating and dull.

    To be not really irritating and dull. What more do you want?

    This is, indeed, a very nice letter. It’s better than “feedback.”

    • Tall praise indeed! If there is a second printing, I will suggest to Riverhead to print “NOT REALLY IRRITATING AND DULL” on the front cover. Would sell like hotcakes.

      Seriously, I was a teenager once, and I know what an honor this is.

      “feedback”: Oh my god, I used the word feedback. Can I edit it out now without losing face?

    • Whoa! You’re in the WSJ and the Washington Post in one day? And here I am offering unsolicited snarky feedback? Can I can edit it out now without losing face?

      Hey, I used to write book reviews, years ago, when I was a student at Cal. Mainly for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Atlanta Constitution and a few others, certainly not the WSJ.

      That was back in the day when newspapers had something called a book section. So quaint.

      Congratulations on the latest good stuff.

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