Overlapping lessons: Hannibal and Me & The Big Five

Admittedly, this one might be all Greek to you — or rather all German, because that’s what we were speaking.

Uwe Alschner, who evangelizes the “Big Five for Life” concept in Germany (a guide to more purposeful living), had a great Skype chat with me about Hannibal and Me. (And the book’s not even been translated into German yet.)

Thanks, Uwe!

6 thoughts on “Overlapping lessons: Hannibal and Me & The Big Five

    • My kids hid the comb.

      And yes, although I did grow up in Bavaria, my family were “Zuag’reiste”, ie Hochdeutsch speakers. Then, of course, I left in still youngish years for a series of different Anglophone places.

      In that Skype chat, I felt very rusty in my German.

  1. “…..In that Skype chat, I felt very rusty in my German……”

    Since I could understand you better than I can most native German-speakers (I can understand foreign German-speakers far, far better) your German may be rustier than even you suspect!!!

    It’s interesting that the meanings of words like “angst” and “Mensch” are slightly different when used by English-speakers. This may also be the fate of other foreign words that have crept into English.

    Although I think most German-speakers will know enough English to read your book, it’s a reminder that nearly all the books we English-speakers read, are written by native English-speakers.

    Think how much this cuts us off from all the untranslated foreign-language books we can never read.

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