Powwow by the Thames

Danesfield House

Well, I’m in an airport once again, on the way back from this place above. This is where I have been holed up for two days with an astonishing group of people: many of my colleagues at The Economist. The setting quite reminded me of the movie Mansfield Park. It is a castle-ish place in the foggy English hills by a bend of the Thames. But who cares about that?

What I cared about was the incredible level of intellect, wit, irony and cosmopolitan curiosity of the people inside. We gathered in order to think. Debate. Laugh. Argue. About the future of the world, the media, the economy and our place in it. The main focus was our web strategy, but it went beyond it.

I’m not at liberty to say much more about it for the time being. But I can say that this was a highlight. There is no other group of people like this. I consider myself lucky.