Blogging whiteness into a book

Well, hats off to Christian Lander, who somehow turned a blog about Stuff White People Like into a book. No qualms about blogging and book-writing for him.

The other thing that must be said, of course, is that he gets it uncomfortably right. I’m whiter than I thought, as found I out here, here, here and here, among other places. Here, too, but then he got the definition slightly wrong. Here is mine.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging whiteness into a book

  1. Regarding irony, the word’s etymology must come from “iron”.

    Iron is hard, unyielding; yet irony is subtle, nuanced, teasing.

    So “irony”, being the almost total opposite of it’s supposed root, “iron”, is intrinsically ironical, no?

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