Lying about reading

This is funny. Via Belle of the Books, a list of the books that people most lie about reading. (I’ve actually once fibbed about reading one of these. Ahem.)

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9 thoughts on “Lying about reading

  1. I love the Hannibal Blog. With this reply, I’m making my first, um, reply.

    (Comment: It’s intimidating to reply to a professional writer’s blog. I’m afraid I’ll sound like an idiot if I write poorly).

    Is there a list of books people most people lie about NOT reading? That is, books they’ve read and are ashamed to admit to?

  2. I think that The Davinci Code should make both lists. I found it unreadable. David Copperfield, on the other hand, is an inspiration. When my daughter misbehaves I threaten to make her walk to London and make a go of it on her own.

  3. We have to be careful what we call trash.

    Those of us who appreciate great writing are often some of the biggest literary snobs. Inherent in snobbery can be deep insecurity.

    I remember being in the St. John’s College (Santa Fe campus) bookstore. Although I was on campus to study Rousseau’s Emile, I was purchasing Tony Hillerman books ( to read before bed ). My tutor happened to walk by, and before I could hide Hillerman, he caught me, Chee handed, and shook his head, condescendingly.

    The next Emile session, I was on fire.


  4. I seem to recall that Ovid and Shakespeare were, in their own time, considered smut. Oh well.

    My highest ambition with this book is probably–to use your example–to make it read like a Hillerman, with a Rousseau revealing himself en passant.

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