Oh evolve!

Apropos of our recent discussions about Charles Darwin, I find this on our site.

If I may say so, this looks like sliding scale of [insert bias]. The US is down there with Turkey. “Old Europe” clustered at the top.

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5 thoughts on “Oh evolve!

  1. I saw the monkey picture at the Economist online. I thought something needed to be said on the HB.

    I know a person locally who wrote an editorial for Time a couple years ago. He’s not identified at the link (below), but he won the Nobel Prize in Physics. His name is Eric Cornell. He’s a funny guy. One of his former students said that people laughed a little louder at his jokes after he won the Nobel. The article is A Call to Inaction:


    And speaking of evolution, the news about this freakishly large, prehistoric snake captured my imagination yesterday (in a Darwinian way, not in a Jungian way). This was in Nature and has been picked up a few places. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titanoboa. That’s a lot of snake.

  2. Christopher, I find it hard to believe that fewer people over time are convinced by Darwin. Maybe it was a different way of polling? Then again, what do I know. Boy, what a trend that would be!

    Funny about that snake. I saw it, too, and went Jungian….

  3. Looking at the picture, let’s decide which chimp we each identify with or most resemble at dinner time. (clockwise, 6 o’clock chimp has his head down, 12 o’clock is eating with her hands). I like the chimp seated at 7:30 position. The Crotchetys definitely share a branch in the family tree with that one.

    Is it family tree or family wreath?

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