Thinking of Mumbai

To Abhishek, who occasionally reads this blog from Mumbai: Condolences and sympathies for this week’s events!

Abhishek, of course, is the podcaster who has had me on his show a few times, and who contributed this very witty video reportage to The Economist as part of my Special Report on Mobility. (Unfortunately, I can’t link to his video, but search for Abhishek on our video page. Sorry!)

Abhishek, in time, whenever you’re ready, I’m sure we’ll hear what your experience was during these past couple of days.

For now, here is an elegy to Mumbai, by Suketu Mehta.
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Podcast about my book

Abhishek and I are talking for half an hour in this podcast about my book. The Indicast, if you don’t know it, is an up-and-coming podcast show in India.

We’re really having fun and getting side-tracked a bit, so it’s not until 16 minutes in that I actually summarize the book’s plot. The sound quality is a bit grainy, because I’m talking from California, and Abhishek from Mumbai.

Click play:

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