The web’s paparazzi culture

They did another podcast with me, this time about my piece in The World in 2009, which is The Economist‘s annual thought-leader issue.

We did this on Skype. She was in London, I was in California. My voice sounds strangely metallic and a bit choppy.

The topic, though, has nothing to do with my book. Instead, we’re talking about whether you can be online nowadays and still preserve your privacy.
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Podcast about my book

Abhishek and I are talking for half an hour in this podcast about my book. The Indicast, if you don’t know it, is an up-and-coming podcast show in India.

We’re really having fun and getting side-tracked a bit, so it’s not until 16 minutes in that I actually summarize the book’s plot. The sound quality is a bit grainy, because I’m talking from California, and Abhishek from Mumbai.

Click play:

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